Get a job: Respawn Entertainment is hiring a Combat/Systems Designer

Respawn is looking for someone well-versed in hero control/mechanics, enemy design, AI behaviors, combat/weapons, class design, skills/progression, story, and boss encounters to join it in Chatsworth, CA.

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Combat/Systems DesignerRespawn Entertainment

Location: Chatsworth, California

About Us:

Respawn Entertainment a tight and talented team assembled from some of the most respected video game companies out there. We’re a resilient bunch of seasoned veterans who are thrilled to come to work each day to tackle exciting technical challenges.

Our motto is fun game-play first, and we’re looking for a highly skilled Combat/Systems Designer who will embrace our philosophy and share his/her hard earned expertise to create an incredible Star Wars™ experience for our players. We’re picturing someone who is passionate about the Star Wars™ Universe and well-versed in the areas of hero control/mechanics, enemy design, AI behaviors, combat/weapons, class design, skills/progression, story, and boss encounters.

What you’ll do...

  • Work with the design leadership, design team, artists, code, audio, and animation to deliver design systems that epitomize the creative vision of the game.
  • Research subject matter relating to the design objective in an effort to ensure the authenticity of the experience.
  • Design systems from conception to the final stages of polish, facilitating communication and coordinating departments to ensure vision.
  • Ability to self-critique and accept outside critique.
  • The more feedback you receive, the more you can tailor your work towards what is best for the team.
  • Incorporate coworkers’ ideas into the process.
  • Participate in the research and development of new tools and design systems.
  • Contribute to establishing and enforcing consistent design practices, constraints, and metrics throughout projects.
  • Mentor other designers and lead by example.

Ideally, you will have…

  • At least 5 years’ experience in the games industry working as a systems designer, shipping at least one title.
  • Experience designing and building heroes, enemies or combat systems
  • Experience in rapid prototyping to test the feasibility of concepts.
  • Expert game design sensibilities, including a superior grasp of timing and instincts of what feels right. Deep understanding of game-play systems and mechanics, able to pro/con design decisions and the ramifications they will have on the overall experience.
  • Ability to pitch design concepts in a clear, detailed manner, through strong written and verbal skills.
  • Excellent collaborative communications skills -- especially interdepartmental.
  • CS degree is a plus.


Our employees are the secret sauce to our success and we do our best to show our appreciation with:

  • Beautiful and spacious contemporary campus complete with ping pong, foosball, pool table, fully stocked kitchen and of games.
  • State of the art on-site gym, along with daily yoga classes.
  • Tons of off-site healthy activities for employees to join with other Respawn Employees; triathlons, marathons, hikes, biking and open water swims to name a few.
  • Fun monthly parties with free babysitting provided for parents.
  • Top of the line healthcare benefits (including dental and vision) with zero out of pocket premiums each month for employees.
  • Generous paid time off and holidays.
  • Matching 401K.
  • On-site massages and car washes available.
  • Friendly, caring co-workers and management.

Interested? Apply now.

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