Get a job: Playful Corp needs a senior designer

The makers of Lucky's Tale are looking for a senior designer to work with them in virtual reality.

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Senior Designer, Playful Corp

Location: McKinney, Texas

Who We Are

We are Playful! We are an anti-crunch studio just north of Dallas, TX. Check us out at! ;

Will you be part of our adventure?

We are currently looking for fantastic and versatile Senior Designers to join our studio. We need designers who are fast, creative, talented, motivated and collaborative. Do you love designing and laying out levels? Are you constantly playing games and thinking of how you could improve the experience or add more impressive mechanics? Do you enjoy working with others to bring new ideas to life? Are you constantly striving to make a better experience than the last one you worked on? If this sounds at all like you then you might have found what you’re looking for… and we might have found you.  

We’re always trying to make amazing and delightful experiences with talented individuals who share the same passions and goals. We want experienced designers who can generate new ideas or refine and remix the classics. We know all designers are different so regardless of if you’re creative, artistic, technical or all of the above send us your resume and start a conversation!

What will help you be successful in this role?

  • You must love games!
  • Being highly motivated
  • Strong design philosophies
  • Creativity and willingness to experiment
  • Experience working on great games, showing us a developed portfolio of your designs
  • Strong communication skills; ability to clearly articulate your “vision” and work with all members of the team in idea creation
  • Team player- ability to respond positively to feedback and take part of a collaborative environment.  
  • Strong follow-up skills- this role requires testing and re-testing of implemented items
  • Self-starter who is able to identify and solve problems
  • Having a passion for company culture 
  • Capable of creating geometry in standard 3D programs and/or highly skilled scripter

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