Get a job: Planet3 seeks an experienced Game Designer

Washington, D.C.-based tech startup STEAM Engine is looking for experienced game designers to work alongside a team developing games that can be used in educational settings.

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Senior Game Designer, Planet3

Location: Washingon, D.C.

STEAM Engine, a DC-based tech startup, is changing how Earth and Life Science are taught in K-12 education. Students’ interest and motivation to learn about science and our planet will be maximized in the learning ecosystem where state-of-the-art game-based missions, simulations, animations, and real-world storytelling are seamlessly woven together.

We are seeking a collaborative, knowledgeable Senior Game Designer to collaborate with Game Designers, Curriculum Experts, and Game Programmers to create educational gameplay. This candidate should be a passionately creative “idea machine” with great writing skills. Additionally, communicating with several teams from different disciplines is a core aspect of the job, so the candidate should enjoy collaboration in general.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Use educational curriculum to brainstorm great gameplay ideas. Work with Unity scripters to prototype and iterate on game mechanics.
  • Receive high-level creative plans from Creative Director and interpret these into detailed designs.
  • Effectively communicate with an interdisciplinary team to make fun game level designs.
  • Write game design documents for interfaces, characters, powers, and levels. Maintain these documents.
  • Mentor and assist junior game designers to help them grow and create their best work.

We work in an open, entrepreneurial environment, in which new ideas are always welcome. We seek to foster a continuous improvement culture where everyone on the team collaborates and contributes. Working with STEAM Engine is a chance to build something great.

Ideal candidate will possess:

  • At least 4 years professional game design experience.
  • Strong document and prose writing skills.
  • A strong interest in the creative/idea side of game design, with a passion for envisioning and creating a great game.
  • Extremely high skill in a collaborative work environment, including explaining game concepts to non-gaming departments.
  • High motivation for making a positive difference in the education space
  • Bachelor’s degree required

Optional Preferred Skills:

  • Wireframing skills for levels and rough interfaces.
  • Photoshop skills for rough mockups.
  • Broad outside interests.

We are offering full-time staff employment opportunities with a competitive salary based on candidate’s skills and experiences. Additionally, depending on the employment agreement, we offer a great range of benefits including health care, 401k matching, metro transit benefits, flexible leave and vacation policy, flexible work schedules, cell phone reimbursement, and more.

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