Get a job: Naughty Dog is hiring a UI Designer/Scripter

Naughty Dog is looking for an experienced UI Designer/Scripter to ensure successful UI implementation in its games as a member of its Santa Monica-based development team.

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UI Designer/ScripterNaughty Dog

Location: Santa Monica, California

Naughty Dog is seeking an experienced UI Designer / Scripter to join our studio! This individual should be able to work with minimal input and feel comfortable working in a team environment. This strong communicator would work closely with Art and Engineering to ensure successful UI implementation into our games.


  • Work with the UI artist and programming team to implement all HUD and UI elements for both single player and multiplayer
  • Communicate clearly with the Programming, Design and UI team to ensure the UI is implemented as efficiently as possible in a timely manner
  • Bug checking and fixing technical UI problems
  • Additional responsibilities may be assigned as needed

Requirements & Skills:

  • Proficient in Python, Lua, or other equivalent scripting language
  • Experience using Qt, Tk, iOS, Android, or other GUI-building toolkit to build a GUI for games, web, and/or mobile platforms
  • Ideally some experience in C/C++
  • Excellent communication/collaboration skills
  • Great GUI design/aesthetic sense
  • Passion for making great user interfaces, in games, web, and/or mobile
  • Ideally some game design experience / passion for making great games

As part of the Naughty Dog application process, candidates should expect to be given a technical interview and may be asked to complete a design test.

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