Get a job: Join the Demiurge Studios team as a Principal UI Artist

Massachusetts-based Demiurge Studios needs a UI artist who understands interaction design subtleties while delivering visually stunning, deceptively simple interfaces.

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Principal UI Artist, Demiurge Studios

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

In the dark ages of game development, UI was an afterthought ...

Hey, how many bullets are left in my clip? Where do I turn down the volume? I need to combine some reagents - those three, right? Is it my turn to move? Is that the enemy’s health? Where’s her mana? How close am I to hitting my level cap? Is my guild talking to me? Is that my level or my rarity? Is that currency in a stack of ten or a hundred?

... Now we know better. Demiurge Studios needs a UI artist who understands interaction design subtleties while delivering visually stunning, deceptively simple interfaces. And while you’re at it, figure out that bullets-in-the-clip problem too.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Create visual benchmarks and targets to define a game’s UI aesthetic
  • Design, create, and implement User Interface screens and elements that work across various mobile platforms
  • Collaborate with Art Director and team members to deliver high-quality visuals with a keen eye for consistency across screens and elements
  • Communicate complex information in simple, digestible ways
  • Set a high visual bar that is achievable on mobile devices and obtain team buy-in
  • Keep up to date on competitive titles, visual trends, and technology
  • Present work, gracefully absorb feedback, and elevate the UI produced at Demiurge
  • Partner with Producers and Engineers to ensure final product realizes design intent


  • 7+ years experience in games with multiple shipped titles covering full production cycle
  • Experience collaborating across disciplines to identify, define, and solve visual design problems
  • Excellent visual skills: sketching, wireframes, storyboarding, composition, iconography, visual targets, motion graphics
  • Strong art foundation: value structure, composition, visual hierarchy, color theory, animation principles
  • Portfolio showcasing ability to deliver high-quality UIs and iconography in a variety of styles and genres
  • Experience designing screen flows for at least one shipped game
  • Expert level proficiency in core Creative Suite programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash/Animate)
  • Experience with 1 or more UX prototyping tools
  • Ability to work well in a small team environment
  • Willingness to learn new tools and techniques
  • Must have a passion for games!

Interested? Apply now.

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