Get a job: Join Gear Inc as a Senior Game Designer

We're looking for a passionate and talented game designer to join our mobile game studio in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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Senior Game Designer, Gear Inc

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

We’re looking for a passionate and talented game designer to join our mobile game studio in Hanoi, Vietnam. You would be in charge of:

New game ideas and prototyping

  • Work on new game ideas, work with other game designers on improving/finalizing their ideas.
  • Have a good knowledge on what games are on the market, what new idea could bring something new.
  • Transform high-level ideas into accurate, intelligible, and quantified specifications.
  • Select ideas that would benefit from a prototype and work with the prototyping team to constantly create new prototypes.

 Game production

  • Act as product owner for the games in production, follow up with the team and project manager on the progress and respect of defined specifications.
  • Make decisions on design choices and problematics that occur during production.
  • Oversee the game mechanics, data, economy and progression.
  • Constantly improve the overall creativity, inspire passion to the other team members.


  • You have a chance to work on multiple games, define the roadmap of future games to create.
  • You have a chance to work closely with both experienced Vietnamese and foreign experts.
  • We provide attractive salary and benefits, international, fun and professional working environment.
  • We provide open and honest culture where people are valued, treated fairly and trusted and empowered.
  • Flexible working hours. Our normal workweek is 40 hours per week (Monday-Friday).
  • 13th-month salary and annual performance-based bonuses.
  • Social Insurance under Vietnam law
  • Health Insurance package
  • Annual health check, annual flu vaccination
  • Paid leave (12 days/year).
  • Lunch allowance for full-time staff; Free drink (tea, coffee,...)
  • Free English/ Vietnamese classes with a native teacher
  • A standing desk if you like; No dress code; Company trip
  • Pet-friendly working space (we have 4 cats and dogs)
  • In-house gym including Yoga, BJJ classes.
  • For non-Vietnamese staff, support for making Vietnamese work permits and resident cards.
  • Salary depending on experience and portfolio 

Job Requirement:

  • Eager for a strong experience in the mobile game industry.
  • Be creative, imaginative and original.
  • Good knowledge of relevant game mechanisms and Mobile game market.
  • Strong affinity and passion for games, especially Mobile games.
  • Strong analytical and critical skills, know why and idea or a game is good or not and what can be changed to make it better.
  • Good communication and very good knowledge of English, spoken and written.
  • Ability to rapidly create coherent design mockups.
  • Flexibility and ability to adapt quickly.
  • Experience in Puzzle RPGs is a Plus
  • Strong knowledge on which games are currently leading in the Puzzle RPG & RPG spaces.


  • Previous experience working on any aspect of mobile games.
  • Familiarity with any creation software and any game engine (Photoshop, any 3D software, Unity, etc).
  • Native English speakers and/or foreigners are preferred.

Interested? Apply now.

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