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Here are just some of the many, many positions being advertised right now. If you're a recruiter looking for talent, you can also post jobs here.

Art Director, GreenPark Studios

Location: Calabasas, California

The Art Director is responsible for the game art content, ensuring that visual elements are of the highest quality. As the studio’s central Art Director it will be up to you to define, refine and constantly develop the look of our game and lead the general artistic effort in close collaboration with internal vision holders. This role is for a seasoned, self-motivated, keen and versatile Art Director with strong directional and leadership qualities, who has proven ability to manage and inspire a team of game artists and cross-discipline creatives. This person will have strong skills in conception, 2D and 3D art together with a clear understanding of technical pipelines and familiarity with optimizing and implementing art assets for our pipeline.

Art Directors are seasoned veterans when it comes to not only the craft of creating art, but also the ability to guide, inspire and mentor others. Your deep industry experience provides you with the tools to collaborate on vision, strategy as well as build and manage your own team of illustrators, 3D modelers, texture-, shader- and VFX-artists, based on the needs of the studio.

Senior Product Manager, Manticore Games

Location: San Mateo, California

We are looking for an entrepreneurial and experienced Product Manager to help build our product strategy and vision. We are working in stealth mode on a new form of hardcore multiplayer gameplay, leveraging user generated content.

Rigger/Technical Animator, Big Red Button Entertainment

Location: El Segundo, California

We’re looking for a self-starting Character Rigger with minimum 2+ years of professional game experience with Maya and 3DS Max to join our veteran team developing for innovative geo-loc Mobile and PC/Console games. If you’re passionate about making unique game experiences in a collaborative studio setting, come join us! Applicants must have ability to rig a variety of objects ranging from characters to environmental sets. This individual should also be comfortable animating objects, rigid body set ups as well as characters.

Lead Level Designer, Insomniac Games

Location: Nice, France

Insomniac Games is searching for its next Lead Level Designer. This should be someone who'll lead the Level Design team in the operation of designing, developing, and polishing game levels including level geometry, enemy encounters, puzzles, and unique gameplay. The individual in this position works closely with the project Leads, Design Director, Game Director, and/or Creative Director to help ensure game levels have cutting edge features, are creatively entertaining, and well balanced. This role will schedule team through the pre-production, production, and polish phases.

Senior Programmer, Disbelief

Location: Nice, France

Disbelief is a game development studio focusing on contracting and consulting services. We’ve worked with both AAA and independent studios to help their projects ship. Notable projects we’ve worked on include Gears 5, Borderlands 3, Gears of War 4, and Torn.

At Disbelief we value work-life balance, and want to create an alternative to the crunch-culture prevalent in game development. We also believe strongly in investing in our talent and our team. Disbelief is a place to puzzle out the solutions to cutting-edge problems in graphics and engine programming, but also a place where people can grow their careers and skill sets as valued members of a stable and close knit team.

Currently, we’re looking for a senior programmer. This opportunity is for a full-time position in Cambridge, MA or Chicago, IL. Senior programmers at Disbelief are leaders and developers in their project. You should be comfortable working independently and with a team to develop, test and integrate software into a larger codebase. A key responsibility is mentoring and guiding fellow programmers to improve.


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