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We're looking for talented, passionate, smart, highly communicative and just plain good people to become part of our crew, to collaborate, shape and build something ambitious and unique.

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Level Designer, Heart Machine

Location: Los Angeles, California

Heart Machine is a deeply motivated and close-knit team located in Los Angeles. Our focus is gameplay that’s engaging, fluid and fun, while also building worlds through vibrant art, great stories and incredible sound design. We’re immensely excited to be creating things we love every day.

Although we are all passionate and work incredibly hard, our studio is not a crunch-factory - we like to live our lives, have holidays, and remain healthy throughout a project.

We’re looking for talented, passionate, smart, highly communicative and just plain good people to become part of our crew, to collaborate, shape and build something ambitious and unique.

Your Role

If you’re an incredibly capable level design with ample spatial reasoning skills, a strong sense of storytelling, great sense of pacing and an eye for good compositions in 3d, please reach out to us! 

Level design requires a massive amount of testing and collaboration between all of us on the team; you’ll primarily be working with the project lead each day, while also testing new designs with internal members of the team as often as possible. Once production ramps up, we like to hold monthly group playtest sessions with select outside sources to keep our designs sharp.

Your Responsibilities & Attributes:

  • Work closely with the project lead to help compose a structure for numerous unique zones.
  • Help to concept and craft the feel and design standards for levels and various in-world interactions.
  • Take the lead on specific regions or zones of the game world, moving a level from greybox to completion.
  • A passion for great level design derived from firm examples within other games.
  • Capable of telling a story through level design.
  • Capable of giving and receiving constructive feedback on designs. Strong communication skills are vital, as we’re incredibly open and straightforward when it comes to our internal conversations about gameplay.
  • Capable of working independently, keeping on-task and motivated.
  • Excited and able to work with a smaller, nimble team and participate in major decisions.

Skills & Experience:

  • Shipped/built to completion at least one game as a level designer, preferably single player.
  • Working knowledge of Unreal 4, particularly working with Blueprints and other relevant toolsets for scripting.
  • Worked with playtesters, with a firm grasp on how to conduct play test sessions whether individual or larger in scale. Can process and implement player feedback appropriately.
  • Highly skilled game player with third person action games.

All full-time employees will be offered a robust medical package, including dental. Salary and bonus structure can be discussed upon interview. Ideally you’re located in Los Angeles, or at the least willing to relocate or be an incredible communicator.

Interested? Apply now.

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