Get a job: Glu Mobile is hiring a Game Designer

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood developer Glu Mobile is looking for a game designer to join their team in Long Beach, California and work on creating new "celeb games" for mobile platforms.

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Game DesignerGlu Mobile

Location: Long Beach, CA

Glu is headquartered in the SoMa district of San Francisco with additional domestic offices in Redwood City and Long Beach, CA and Bellevue, WA. Global Studios include Moscow, Beijing, Toronto, and Hyderabad. Our culture is built on collaboration, respect, and a lot of fun! Prepare yourself to contribute your best talents to your team and then watch your back because floor-wide Nerf gun wars are daily occurrences. With top-grossing titles and top talent, life at Glu is never boring. 

Glu is constantly seeking motivated, creative, and innovative individuals to join our teams. Glu-ers have a passion for games, appreciation for teamwork, and pride in what we do. Are you looking to learn from and collaborate with some of the most skilled people in the gaming industry? Do you want to be at a company that encourages a positive work/life balance while offering great development opportunities? If the answer is yes, then Glu would like to hear from you! 


  • Take ownership of the balance of game systems, including stats, progression and economy
  • Collaborate with other Glu Game Designers to produce game content in a live service environment, with an emphasis on quest design and a massive volume of in-game dialogue
  • Write clear and concise Game Design Documentation, including the initial UI wireframes and flows
  • Apply your understanding of the F2P market to produce game content, features, and game mechanics that will delight our players
  • Become an expert in Glu Mobile’s celebrity genre by mastering its unique demographic and style


  • 2+ years in a designer role, including at least one shipped free-to-play title
  • Experience with features or systems design
  • Strong understanding of the F2P business model and monetization mechanics
  • Interest and knowledge of the celebrity realm, with an emphasis on popular musicians
  • Strong understanding of what makes game content fun, engaging and replayable
  • Ability to apply the knowledge learned from data and metrics to improve existing gameplay experiences
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Firm understanding of documentation tools like Word, Power Point, Excel, Visio and Smart Sheet
  • Ability to create compelling visuals in design documentation, including flow charts and wireframes
  • Willingness to learn new programs and engines, in particular Unity
  • Pop culture guru
  • Experience or interest in working on games targeting a largely female demographic
  • Passion for mobile and console games, in particular narrative RPGs

Bonus Points:

  • Experience with economy design
  • Experience designing social features
  • Experience working on a live title
  • Experience working in the Unity game engine
  • Experience working in a SCRUM/Agile methodology environment
  • Degree in Game Design or related field

Interested? Apply now.

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