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Here are just some of the many, many positions being advertised right now. If you're a recruiter looking for talent, you can also post jobs here.

Graphic Designer/2D Production Artist, FoxNext Games

Location: Los Angeles, California

FoxNext Games, a world-class mobile game development studio, is in search of a Graphic Designer/2D Production Artist to join our development team on a new Avatar game. We need a strong creative contributor with an eye for detail and limitless imagination. Your passion for games helps you bring to life your favorite characters, and contribute to one of the most visually ambitious mobile experiences ever.

Gameplay Networking ProgrammerBuild A Rocket Boy Games

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

The Gameplay Networking Programmer is responsible for implementing networking solutions for gameplay problems and network heavy gameplay systems within the game based on guidance and design provided by more senior programmers. The Gameplay Networking Programmer position will report to the Lead Gameplay Networking Programmer.

The position is also expected to be able to deal with other disciplines to resolve problems and elicit requirements. A Gameplay Networking Programmer should have an understanding of best-practice and standard techniques in game networking and will seek to learn more about innovations within the industry.

Senior World Builder, Cold Iron Studios

Location: San Jose, California

Cold Iron is seeking an experienced Sr. World Builder to join us in creating a shooter set in the Alien universe for consoles and PC! Are you excellent at designing spaces that are as pleasing to look at as they are to play through? Do you revel in bridging the gap between art and design, making the content and pacing of the game more enjoyable through layout with strong artistic sensibilities?

Here’s the most important one: Do you do it all for the game? Because you know that your talents are needed to make sure that even the best development teams get an awesome experience out the door?

Awesome. Come join our creative, collaborative studio where you’ll own the product management responsibilities for a tight, integrated team of game developers.

Game Programming Instructor, CG Spectrum

Location: Remote

CG Spectrum is looking for mentors with AAA games experience to help develop an industry standard game programming course and/or teach online.

We offer casual and full-time positions at a competitive salary, alongside a flexible schedule and the ability to work from anywhere. 

Experienced Software Engineer, HB Studios

Location: Lunenburg/Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Here at HB Studios, we’ve been creating world class videogames for 20 years with the likes of EA Sports and 2K Sports. We even have our very own number one golf game IP on PlayStation, Xbox and PC called The Golf Club. Overall, we’ve been a part of over 50 game releases.

So if you have amazing programming skills and know lots of stuff about C#, C++, JavaScript and that kind of thing, drop us a line. If you know the Unity game engine inside-out, that’s just on the nose right there so also drop us a line. We live on the east coast of Canada and we think you should, too. The friendliest people, the incredible Summers and spectacular beaches, the vibe and energy of our province’s university city… and to top it all off – the hole-in-one, the three pointer, the knock-out blow – we’re super nice human beings, all 75 of us.

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