Get a job: Cat Daddy Games is hiring a UX Designer

Cat Daddy Games is looking for a self-driven UX Designer to join its Kirkland, Washington-based development team.

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UX Designer, Cat Daddy Games

Location: Kirkland, Washington

Who We Are:

A fun, hard-working, and dedicated family of experienced game developers working cross platform, with a current focus on mobile and emerging platforms. We keep our eyes set on broad appeal and an engaging experience for our players.

We are always looking for people who want to make the best out of great games.

What We Need:

Self-driven individuals, who find pride and fulfillment in doing the best work possible. Folks who take responsibility for not only their work, but for the success of team at large, and for what’s best for the game.

Job Responsibilities Will Include:

  • Develop and execute a user experience language for the various systems and designs we have in our products
  • Support the game and product design teams visualize the flow of their systems through the creation of mock-ups, flow diagrams, wireframes and prototypes to ensure their vision is being realized
  • Collaborate with artists and engineers to translate designs into beautiful experiences.
  • Methodically evaluate the UX of partner games/designs and improve them by providing concise and thoughtful recommendations.
  • Communicate regularly with stakeholders and end users to validate your design
  • Able to have the foresight to what the end user “really” needs Incorporate usability testing feedback

Who We Think Will Be A Great Fit:

Minimum Requirements:

  • Multiple years of experience delivering innovative results in mobile UX design. Portfolio of relevant work required.
  • Knowledgeable on best practices for presenting complex data and actions on small screens
  • Strong eye for visual design with keen design sense
  • Knowledge of standard UX design tools for wireframing, prototyping, flowcharts, etc.
  • Familiarity with monetization strategies for in-app purchases and free-to-play games
  • Flexibility to work in a design iterative environment and multiple projects
  • Detail oriented, organized and an aptitude for learning and taking direction well
  • Exceptional communicator who is able to take written design and marry them with visual language to convey clear deliverables for a unified vision
  • Ability to work very quickly and under tight deadlines, but still produce high-quality work

It would be a huge plus if you also have:

  • Motion design and animation experience
  • Ability to write code, prototype in-engine, manage databases, and build tools
  • Deep knowledge of some technical domain such as statistics, analytics, and cluster analysis

About Cat Daddy:

Rooted in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and just a short drive from Seattle, Cat Daddy has been around for more than two decades and over that time has launched multiple successful PC, console and mobile titles.  Currently we are focusing on Mobile and Tablet games and are working on some exciting upcoming titles.  Sure, we are part of the big and impressive 2K family and we love it, but really we are a small band of talented, artists, programmers and production staff who get the job done and done really well by relying on skill, collaboration, humor and grit.  We pride ourselves on being nimble and tech savvy, having shipped titles of almost every genre and on almost every platform.  Bottom line is, it’s a good time to be a Cat Daddy!

Interested? Apply now.

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