Get a job: Be a UX Designer at Never Alone studio E-Line Media

Love designing user experiences for games? Never Alone maker E-Line Media seeks someone like you to work alongside the rest of the team at the company's Seattle studio on an upcoming game project.

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UX DesignerE-Line Media

Location: Seattle, WA

E-Line Media / Upper 1 Games is a leading videogame developer and publisher, whose recent release, Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna), has garnered significant international critical and commercial success.

With development studios in Seattle and Tempe, E-Line is currently hiring for the following position for its Seattle studio. Please include resume, cover letter and portfolio with examples of previous work. Note: Any unsolicited concept or story pitches will not be accepted.

Position Description: UX Designer, Seattle

E-Line Media Seattle seeks a User Experience Designer for an upcoming game project to participate in crafting a polished, intuitive and seamless gameplay experience for the end user.

This position requires a skillful designer with experience taking information-rich experiences and presenting them to the player in an intuitive, accessible and empowering manner while avoiding overwhelming the user with too much non-critical information.

Work will be conducted primarily out of the E-Line Media Seattle studio space.

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Oversee and execute the user experience design from concept to completion
  • Create user-centered designs by considering technical constraints/opportunities, player feedback, usability findings, and market analysis
  • Efficiently create process flows, wireframes, and visual design mockups as needed to effectively conceptualize and communicate detailed interaction behaviors
  • Rapidly prototype UX flow using industry standard tools
  • Acquire data through user testing to help tune user experience based on feedback and testing results
  • Collaborate with Design, Engineering, Production and Art to realize amazing gaming experiences

Essential Experience, Skills and Qualifications:

  • At least 4 years experience as a user experience designer, interaction designer, information architect or similar role
  • Experience with the Unity3D game engine or similar third-party software systems
  • Ability to plan, document and manage deliverables with minimal supervision
  • Passionate about psychology, perception, and cognition
  • Excellent communication, presentation, interpersonal and analytical skills
  • Ability to communicate interactive design concepts clearly, turning feedback and criticism into actionable solutions
  • Experience storyboarding, prototyping, usability testing & creating visual design for PC and console games
  • Experience with strategy, simulation, or RPG game genres a plus
  • Demonstrable experience with solving UX challenges and creating user flows, mock-ups, and performing user testing

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