Get a job: Be a Lead Game Designer at Demiurge Studios

"Collaborate with artists and engineers, speak to high-level UX, dive deep into systems and game economies," reads the Demiurge listing for a lead mobile game designer. "Do it all. Ok, not literally."

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Lead Game Designer (Mobile), Demiurge Studios

Cambridge, MA

Ok, so we've established by this point that anything can be a game. Anything? Really, anything? Yes. Deal with it. And we also know that mobile, and free to play, is where it's at. Fact. But you know that - you made it happen already.

We're 25% of the way through this game, the job application reading game, which we're both winning. It's a co-op game.

Demiurge Studios is looking for a talented lead designer (that's you!) to steer our team through all phases of mobile game development. Collaborate with artists and engineers, speak to high-level UX, dive deep into systems and game economies. Do it all. Ok, not literally.

You know how to design a top grossing game. You love your team. You love new challenges. Most importantly, you love games of all sorts - and it's clear to you that the best, most rewarding game of making one for others to enjoy.


  • Conceive, communicate, and produce mobile game designs - from big picture to specific feature
  • Collaborate with artists, engineers, producers and team management  in an iterative, agile development process
  • Drive gameplay, system and content design through all development phases, including post-launch
  • Task, schedule and review design team's output
  • Ideate, design, and pitch original intellectual properties
  • Demonstrate proven design practices and mentor junior designers


  • Mobile game design veteran, with a minimum of 2+ complete product cycles
  • 3+ years of professional video game industry experience as a lead/senior Game Designer
  • Free-to-Play system design expertise
  • Reliable scheduling/time management skills
  • Excellent organizational, analytical, interpersonal, and communication skills
  • Passion for Video Games!
  • Four year degree, or equivalent experience
  • Applicants must be currently authorized to work in the United States on a full-time basis


  • Strong math and data analysis skills
  • Scripting experience
  • Rapid prototyping experience
  • Outside interests!

Creating games is our passion. Founded in 2002 and acquired in 2015 by SEGA Networks, we bring years of expertise to our projects. Our developers build fun, accessible mobile games like our recent hit, Marvel Puzzle Quest. Based in Cambridge, MA, Demiurge has contributed to titles such as Bioshock, Rock Band, and Mass Effect.

Interested? Apply now.

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