Get a job: Be a Creative Director at Nix Hydra

The studio responsible for Egg Baby is looking to hire an experienced game designer to take a lead role on the creative team in Nix Hydra's Los Angeles, CA studio.

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Creative Director/Lead Game DesignerNix Hydra

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Welcome to our posting for a Creative Director/Lead Game Designer. We need a Creative Director badly, but since we are uncompromising in our vision we are still very picky about it. If this is a trait you also share, read on.

Nix Hydra is seeking an authentic, passionate, and imaginative individual to join our creative team. We are interested in making games with the following qualities:

Magic - The extra details that are normally overlooked, but when included create a sense of awe.

Character - The color, life and creativity that fill out a well rounded world.

Accessibility - A language of interaction for a wide audience that doesn’t rely on the established and often insular language of the gaming industry.

Does this appeal to you? This is the perfect opportunity for someone likeminded who loves working on small teams and having a voice that’s heard in a productive and collaborative work environment.


Here are some of the perks you’ll be enjoying at Nix Hydra:

  • 4 day work week. We get Mondays off and work 10 hours per day Tuesdays through Fridays.
  • Flexible vacations. Just give everyone a proper heads up, and be considerate of deadlines.
  • Health insurance including medical, dental, vision and chiropractic.Stock options to ensure you share in the success of the company.
  • A helpful & collaborative team. Work with people who love what they do and are happy to pitch in with ideas.
  • Game and crafts nights.
  • Happiness and the freedom to walk around in fluffy slippers and onesies and pet 8 dogs per day.

We expect everyone on the team to be competent, dedicated, proactive and take great pride in their craft. The proper candidate must also be passionate about and enjoy making games of any genre for a heavily female oriented target audience.

We will sponsor visas for absolutely exceptional candidates!


  • 7+ years of game industry experience WITH
  • 5+ years of game design experience
  • Been an active member of the design team on at least 3 SHIPPED projects from start to finish
  • Been an active member of the design team on at least 1 mobile game from start to finish
  • Understands Nix Hydra’s vision and goals as a company and can mold them into cohesive products
  • Able to direct and steer the design vision while allowing the design team creative freedom
  • Firm understanding of monetization and gating in a "freemium" game
  • Skilled in at least one scripting language (Lua, JavaScript, etc.)
  • PROFICIENCY in Word and Excel (NOT “I can open and save a document”)
  • Ability to use Photoshop on some level
  • Experience with at least one bug DB software: JIRA, DevTrack, Mantis, etc.
  • Experience with at least one source control software: Perforce, SVN, Alienbrain, etc.

Much more likely to get the job (in order of importance):

  • PROFICIENCY in Unity (NOT "yeah I installed it")
  • Skilled creative writer
  • Been an active member of the design team on a game for a female target audience from start to finish
  • Shipped an MMO from start to finish
  • Experience with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms
  • Art and/or Audio background

Interested? Apply now.

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