Get a job: Abrakam is hiring a Game Designer

Abrakam is looking for a game designer with passion and card game expertise to help it ramp up its game Faeria and bring other titles to smartphones.

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Game Designer, Abrakam

Location: Liege, Belgium


We are looking for a badass game designer with passion and expertise for card games to help us ramp up Faeria and bring other titles to smartphones. If you are the passionate expert that we are looking for and ready to relocate in Liege/Belgium, we will be offering you a unique opportunity to help us shape the future of Abrakam and bond with some amazing people.


  • Design cards and new gameplay mechanics for Faeria or other card games.
  • Highlight the world and its characters using sound mixes of card names and gameplay.
  • Use our home made tools to script and playtest new missions or new cards.
  • Take part to the balancing of the card base.
  • Manage online playtest programs where our most dedicated fans participate.


  • A minimum of 1 year experience in a game design role with at least one shipped title.
  • ... Or a CCG project that you've developed and designed on your free time.
  • Technical background sufficient for scripting cards and missions


  • Passion for playing Faeria
  • Strong addiction to MtG or Hearthstone, or both
  • Experience designing strategy games
  • Experience optimizing retention and monetization mechanics
  • French speaker


  • A wide variety of challenges that range in scope from the complex ideas contained within Faeria to more experimental projects.
  • Collaboration and most probably a few after-work drinks with a young team of passionate and talented individuals.
  • The opportunity to work with our great team and on an ever expanding list of international partners.


  • An excellent compensation package that includes an attractive base salary, comprehensive benefits plan within in a small team, close-knit, collaborative environment.
  • We provide each of our engineers with an opportunity to make a real impact on our environment, our business and the direction of our industry standard products.

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