GCG's Game Design Challenge: Black History Month

The most recent Game Design Challenge from game development education web site GameCareerGuide is to design a game that will teach Black American history to fifth g
Tomorrow, the day after this historic Election Day 2008, marks the final day GameCareerGuide will be accepting submissions to its latest Game Design Challenge, on the theme of teaching Black history. Could you design a game, electronic or not, that could be built in just three months that teaches school children about Black history? The site’s weekly challenge is a weekly exercise in becoming a game developer for students of game development and other people who one day hope to work in the industry. The challenges are designed to give them a new way of looking at and thinking about video games. Professional developers are welcomed to participate themselves, or to visit the community forum and give the industry hopefuls some veteran advice. One week after the challenge closes, the best answers and the names of those who submitted are posted alongside commentary from game designer Manveer Heir of Raven Software. To view the complete rules of this week’s challenge on teaching Black American history, and for submission guidelines, see the post on, Gamasutra’s affiliate web site for all educational content related to game development.

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