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We checked out the Destiny 2 closed beta...and wiped. To the same boss. Over, and over, and over, again.

Bryant Francis, Senior Editor

July 20, 2017

1 Min Read

Destiny was Bungie’s big first move after finishing its work on the Halo series—and though its initial launch was a success, it ran into some long-term challenges. Slow content updates, huge amounts of grinding, and a vague sense of purposelessness dogged the hybrid RPG-shooter, even as Bungie used its major updates to improve these systems. 

Now with Destiny 2 on the horizion, what has Bungie learned, and will they be able to improve on those game design challenges with the game’s sequel? We took some time yesterday to jump into the game’s closed beta, and see if any notable improvements have been made.

There were definitely both highs and lows (and a lot of wiping to a three-form boss) but we pulled through. You can watch our Venusian adventure up above, and follow the Gamasutra Twitch channel for more gameplay commentary, editor roundtables, and developer interviews. 

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Bryant Francis

Senior Editor, GameDeveloper.com

Bryant Francis is a writer, journalist, and narrative designer based in Boston, MA. He currently writes for Game Developer, a leading B2B publication for the video game industry. His credits include Proxy Studios' upcoming 4X strategy game Zephon and Amplitude Studio's 2017 game Endless Space 2.

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