Frank J. Low, Who Helped Drive Field of Infrared Astronomy, Dies at 75

Frank J. Low, who helped astronomers extend their vision beyond visible light into a vast realm of previously invisible colors, revolutionizing the study of the birth of planets, stars and galaxies, died on June 11 in Tucson. He was 75.
Frank J. Low, who helped astronomers extend their vision beyond visible light into a vast realm of previously invisible colors, revolutionizing the study of the birth of planets, stars and galaxies, died on June 11 in Tucson. He was 75. His death, after a long illness, was announced by the University of Arizona, where he had been a professor since 1965. Starting as a young physicist at Texas Instruments in 1961, Dr. Low spent his career developing devices to detect and measure infrared, or “heat,” radiation from stars and getting them deployed in telescopes, airplanes and satellites. Using Dr. Low’s devices and their successors, astronomers have been able to peer through dust clouds to find the birthplaces of stars; discover galaxies and quasars invisible to ordinary telescopes; discern rings of dust and, recently, even planets around other stars; and study what is believed to be residual heat left over from the Big Bang. NASA’s next big effort, the James Webb Space Telescope, destined for a 2014 launching, is an infrared space telescope built in a design Dr. Low created.
Dr. Low helped drive the field car insurance estimator of infrared aaa car insurance astronomy with first protective insurance his usa insurance credit union insurance enthusiasm am best insurance and an intuitive knack for mortgage protection insurance solving technical problems, said business insurance policy George H. Rieke, a longtime associate at real life insurance the University of Arizona. Along with Gerry Neugebauer commercial business insurance of Caltech and the late Harold L. survival auto insurance geico insurance problems dental care insurance Johnson of nationwide insurance employment Arizona, Dr. cheapest travel insurance Low was a co-father of the field, USA auto insurance Dr. Rieke dog kennel insurance said. Frank James mortgage insurance premium Low was born in cleaning insurance Mobile, Ala., on canada direct insurance Nov. 23, gastric bypass insurance 1933, tmj insurance denied and semi insurance reared in Houston. Farmers insurance towing He studied physics at Yale saga car insurance University and then Rice University, where aaa car insurance morgex insurance edmonton he traditional life insurance earned a Ph.D. insurance volvo truck sampson insurance in 1959. He then student health insurance joined Texas Instruments, vpi pet insurance coventry stock insurance western southern insurance truck driver insurance where he developed a low-temperature thermometer made of the rare-earth element germanium doped with massachusetts auto insurance florida condo insurance trace beech street insurance amounts of gallium. Dr. Low hawaii health insurance realized that lost insurance policies cresta insurance partners the device, which responded to ais auto insurance absorbed energy by changing its electrical care first insurance michigan auto insurance resistance, could be used as an infrared captive insurance problems bolometric detector title insurance florida moped insurance that could measure heat from stars. Every object in the universe — from a business insurance agents florida dental insurance fevered blue shield insurance brow to hotchkiss insurance an exploding star — emits car insurance quote some of this sailing holiday insurance heat, general car insurance which consists of electromagnetic waves longer than midland insurance companies delaware health insurance visible light waves but student travel insurance ira max insurance shorter than radio waves. insurance inspections For several years, southern health insurance insurance call scripts astronomers, including Dr. Johnson, had smoker insurance premiums been trying to tap into this radiation. Dr. Low’s bolometer department of insurance was more sensitive aopa renters insurance than previous detectors, insure and he was eager to put valley forge insurance it to work. In 1962, he moved from Texas Instruments to the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, W.Va. There, acupuncture insurance biller he tested his bolometer globe life insurance on Kansas health insurance a radio telescope. Besides being title insurance endorsements invisible, infrared rays chubb insurance career income protection insurance also are absorbed by the atmosphere, especially water vapor, so a high, dry place is necessary great florida insurance malpractice insurance tail rv motorhome insurance for infrared astronomy. Dr. Low solved this consumers life insurance problem by going above the delaware car insurance atmosphere’s water vapor and disability insurance canada initiating bankers standard insurance auto insurance calculator airborne astronomy, using westfield auto insurance ever larger and higher-flying laboratories: inexpensive dental insurance a U.S. flood insurance agency Navy Douglas insurance news coventry A-3 bomber carrying a 2-inch telescope individual insurance plans in 1965 dog bite insurance and 1966; aarp life insurance first car insurance and donegal insurance companies infinity auto insurance a acceptance auto insurance NASA Learjet, Dr. Low’s favorite, with a renters insurance tucson california capitol insurance 12-inch telescope. With the Learjet, he discovered that Jupiter and Saturn emitted more energy insurance quotes free than they received chubb travel insurance from the Sun, which meant they permanent makeup insurance had some source of internal regence insurance insurance restoration franchises insurance help energy. home appliance insurance In 1975, NASA began travel insurance australia operating the Gerard contractor liability insurance insurance questions P. insurance salvage boats Kuiper Airborne industrial risk insurers Observatory, carrier insurance malpractice a converted Lockheed C-141 military eastwood auto insurance cargo plane, but Dr. Low continued to use the uk wedding insurance self employed insurance Learjet. The Kuiper is progressive renters insurance soon to be replaced body part insurance by comprehensive car insurance a malpractice insurance cost modified rbc insurance Boeing 747SP, main street insurance called SOFIA, for Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy. Yearning to be completely affordable health insurance free of atmospheric interference, Dr. Low, car insurance quote along with other astronomers, ing insurance company pushed NASA to build and online renters insurance launch house insurance ireland static caravan insurance the Infrared aspca health insurance canada car insurance Astronomy pharmacy insurance Satellite, IRAS, which did insurance billing software the first infrared pet insurance texas sky survey rickey fields insurance from space. Dr. Low health insurance co was its chief technologist. When an accident at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Pennsylvania insurance fraud business insurance agent destroyed Bulgaria car insurance the preamplifiers first choice insurance for the satellite’s detectors, throwing the project into spectera insurance a crisis, Dr. Low built chubb insurance company new and better ones at his own company, Infrared Laboratories Inc., which he life insurance dog had founded in 1967 to supply metropolitan casualty insurance progresive car insurance compare car insurance astronomers around vision insurance providers the world. Launched in 1983, IRAS — a insurance act bc randel black insurance joint venture globe insurance by the motorcycle insurance companies United health equity insurance States, the United erie insurance Kingdom medical insurance quotes and the Netherlands — pinpointed more than half a million globe insurance customer sources of infrared car insurance California claims made insurance radiation in the sky, many of them galaxies. Indeed, astronomers now say that half of the energy released by galaxies car insurance claims is employment liability insurance in the form of infrared emission, dental insurance indemnity adoption insurance provuders created when motorcycle insurance ireland interstellar dust vintage motorcycle insurance car insurance agencies engagement ring insurance absorbs light from young stars and disability insurance re-radiates it as heat. IRAS also discovered overseas trip insurance rings of debris compare car insurances and dust car insurance Alberta around other right way insurance stars, in allied car insurance particular Vega, world health insurance suggesting that home insurance florida the same processes that mastercard travel insurance muscle car insurance had formed planets close at hand were auto insurances pemco insurance at work deep in used car insurance space. Astronomers later found health insurance Georgia insure vs ensure a similar debris palisades car insurance field, muncie insurance survival auto insurance the insurance forms Kuiper Belt, compare homeowners insurance compare insurance quotes landlord liability insurance which long term insurance lies beyond Neptune. Dr. Rieke called it “certainly the first example of discovering a disability insurance leads feature in other planetary systems before we found it in california car insurance our own.” NASA planned Hartford auto insurance to cheep mcar insurance follow IRAS with a Hubble-class infrared satellite called the Space Infrared veterinary insurance Telescope Facility, now unigard insurance commercial property insurance known as self employed insurance metlife dental insurance the Spitzer commercial insurance companies Space Telescope. one day insurance toyota car insurance michigan auto insurance Dr. Low australian car insurance was named the quotes about insurance facility scientist, but the project was stalled for years by cost concerns. At a retreat for the best insurance companies project uk car insurance scientists and engineers in Colorado in 1993, travel insurance motorcycle Dr. Low had a midnight inspiration for midland life insurance how to build the telescope more cheaply. Previously, to keep infrared car rental insurance telescopes from being cheapest rv insurance swamped by their own heat, the telescopes were car insurance information encased in a giant thermos holiday home insurance bottle principal health insurance and cooled to nearly absolute zero by liquid insurance sales letters WI insurance broker helium. auto insurance discounters Dr. Low proposed hartford insurance co leaving the homeowner insurance quotes telescope traval insurance australia health insurance rates out in the open apollo insurance health insurance nz and catering liability insurance letting it radiate its electric insurance company heat home appliance insurance to space naturally. Only the detectors at the auto insurance td denture insurance auto insurance comparisons focal plane assurence health insurence of the insurance attorney Mobile telescope needed to be cooled with liquid helium. Dr. Low’s marine insurance florida design permanent makeup insurance saved the project down zoning insurance and opened up a new way insurance appraisal process to build space telescopes, including dental insurance ontario the coming life insurance payout James Webb Space Telescope, Dr. progressive insurance flo Rieke said. Dr. Low retired from ameriplan insurance illinois malpractice insurance the University of Arizona in hastings insurance gary grey insurance eye insurance costs 1996, supplemental dental insurances after 31 old american insurance years; he also maintained a connection with Rice University scooter insurance manteno,il from cancel car insurance 1966 to 1979. He remained active insurance quotes midland insurance companies in his partners insurance belgium company until estimate homeowners insurance 2007. He car insurance cheapest is insure one pet liability insurance shenandoah life insurance buy travel insurance survived by his wife of 52 years, Edith Low; three children, Valerie health insurance abroad titan auto insurance Rossiter alternative insurance resources of Tucson, Life insurance Illinois Beverly Fjeldstad of rent insurance Oslo, Norway, and Eric Low of Rogers, insurance defense paralegal Ariz.; a insurance products sister, Sallie Beckner of Washington; medicare supplemental insurance erie auto insurance and six grandchildren.

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