Difficulty as Crisis and Opportunity

When viewed through the Lens of the System of Experience, Difficulty clearly shows two sides.

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In the previous post, two different Game Design considerations were comparitively analyzed using the concepts being built up over the course of this presentation. In this post, the common design consideration of difficulty is viewed through the Lens of the System of Expeirence to show how it can provide both a basis for anxiety and a direction for Motivation. Everyone should feel encouraged to join the discussion and comment on or debate the assertions presented. All relevant comments are welcome and appreciated.

Difficulty as Crisis and Opportunity

When discrepancies and inconsistencies arise in the system of Experience, such as when the Prediction that is expected differs from the interpreted Perception of results, there is a deficit in Reliability that Efficiency dictates must be met with Attention; at a cost of some Stress, but with the goal of gaining Understanding in the form of greater Efficiency. To Experience, there is no intrinsic quality placed on this dynamic, given this is both a signal of inefficiency and a call for progress toward greater Efficiency. The factors that determine the quality associated with this dynamic by the audience has much more to do with the context by which it is interpreted, than with the nature of the Experience itself. In essence, one’s point of view, one’s current state of Experience, determines whether we see difficult situations as being more an inhibitor to our Understanding or a potential path to achieve greater Understanding. This is another experience design element that can be shaped via Presentation; as by a compelling Hook.

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