DevLOG of Rushout - new ragdoll shooter and funny 3D platformer

Rushout is an enthralling and hilarious 3D ragdoll platformer with simple gameplay set in fantastic flying landscapes. And the prize for the best result will spark real excitement in you! [P.S. Beware of crazy chickens!]

Action 3D ragdoll shooter with simple gameplay will easily distract you from all your worries and troubles!

You must pass all obstacles, hit all targets and set a time record. Winner receives a prize.


  1. Single player - no crowd of players. All the beauty of the graphics and all the pleasure belongs entirely to you
  2. Simple gameplay - no need to strain too much, just relax and enjoy your precision and agility
  3. Ragdoll physics - now it has a lot of fans. Even if you lose and fall, it will be fun!
  4. Each dream level provides a new environment, different obstacle mechanics, new enemies, new transformations of the hero, new weapons and new Monster Boss.
  5. Become the best - score the most points, set a passing high score and get an interesting prize and new game status on Steam
  6. Your Hero is yours to customize. With outfits from builder to hen, skydiver, miner, tiger, astronaut and ninja. Choose your head, face, upper and lower body and get creative with the colors!


Rushout Workshop

Later, I will open the workshop and the players themselves will be able to create many items.

I am also looking for interested people to make game sounds and English copywriter ✍








Hi ! My name is Yali PapaCubec and I need your any support !

Tentative release date October 2021

Any feedback is welcome (ideas for new levels, interesting obstacles, new weapons, enemies, hero skins, etc.)

Wishlists would be muuuch appreciated and are super helpful for indie devs like me


You Tube




TikTok some funny moments from gamedev

And you can support me here:



Thank you!

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