Chat with The Outer Worlds lead devs Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky at 4:30PM EST

Catch up with the lead developers of The Outer Worlds today at 4:30PM EST on the GDC Twitch channel!

If you've been a fan of Obsidian's choice-driven RPGs, then you're probably already playing The Outer Worlds, a freewheeling sci-fi RPG that serves as a spiritual successor to the company's 2010 RPG Fallout: New Vegas. And today on the GDC Twitch channel at 4:30PM EST, lead developers and studio co-founders Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky are dropping by to answer your questions about the design and development of The Outer Worlds! 

Casting players as a spacer bound for a hypercapitalist space colony, The Outer Worlds follows in the footsteps not only of New Vegas, but the original Fallout games that Cain and Boyarsky worked on at Interplay Entertainment. If you'd like to chat with the pair, swing on through and ask your questions in Twitch chat! 

And for more game developer interviews and select GDC talks, be sure to follow the GDC Twitch channel. 

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