Chat with Mages of Mystralia's devs at 3PM ET

The devs behind Mages of Mystralia are taking your questions starting at 3PM ET on the GDC Twitch channel!

In 2017, Mages of Mystralia launched on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, touting a unique spell system where players could manipulate a series of overlapping verbs to create custom spells and abilities. And this week, Mages of Mystralia made its way to the Nintendo Switch, giving players a new opportunity to try out its unique spell system on the go. 

If that kind of game system sounds interesting to you, you might want to know that at 3PM ET on the GDC Twitch channel, the folks at Borealys Games will be taking your questions during a livestream of the game! If you've got questions about letting players fiddle with game logic, you should drop by and ask them in Twitch chat. 

And as always, for more game developer interviews, and great GDC talks, be sure to mosey over to the GDC Twitch channel and follow it for more updates! 

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