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CEOP: parents failing to protect children from online sex predators

Police chief says the technical ignorance of too many adults is letting sexual predators groom children on the internet
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Parents are a weak link in the chain of defences intended to safeguard children from online sexual predators, says the senior policeman responsible for child protection on the internet.

Too many parents prefer to hide behind technological ignorance rather than engage with advice about how to protect their children from internet threats.

Jim Gamble, head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), told The Times that parents talked about the need to keep children safe online but did not act on the advice available to them.

“It is too easy to say, ‘Oh. I don’t understand the technology’. How many parents go online to book their holidays or use the internet to compare insurance prices?” Mr Gamble said. “But when it comes to learning what you should do to protect your child, we’re not seeing people accessing that information in the right numbers.”

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