Catch up with three great game designers at GDC Showcase’s Discussion Sessions

Three talented game designers will be discussing their GDC talks with you at GDC showcase. Find out more!

The Discussion Sessions at GDC Showcase are your chance to ask questions of some of the talented top developers in the video game industry.

During this (free!) March event, you can expect several opportunities to build up your game design knowledge. Among them will be a chance to quiz key game designers who’ve given talks at prior GDC events.

These speakers will be back on hand, participating in a live chat while their previous talks are played for the audience. They include:

This is a new kind of opportunity to learn more from some of the most talented folks in the industry. Be sure to register for GDC Showcase today!

And remember, if you register by February 5th, you’ll earn a free month of GDC Vault, for more learning after the event.

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