Catch up on these insightful interviews with IGF 2019 finalists!

To help you better understand the work that went into these remarkable games, the team at Gamasutra have once again published a series of snappy interviews with this year's IGF finalists!

There's going to be a ton of great games showcased in the IGF Pavilion at this year's Game Developers Conference, each of which is an Independent Games Festival award finalist with its own unique story to tell. 

GDC attendees can stop by the Expo Floor (open March 20th to the 22nd) to visit the Pavilion, see the games and perhaps meet their creators, all in a convivial atmosphere that celebrates the best of what independent creators can do.

To help you better understand the work that went into these remarkable games, the team at Gamasutra have once again published a series of snappy interviews with this year's IGF finalists that delve into how (and why) they make games.

It's the Road to the IGF, and last month we highlighted the first half or so. Here's what's been published since then:

Calis, Nijman, Kallio, and Johann's Minit

Minit takes a grand adventure across a sprawling world and breaks it into one-minute chunks, having players find secrets, defeat bosses, and delve through dungeons on a tight time limit.

En Garde! Team's En Garde! 

En Garde! is a game of swashbuckling swordplay, tasking players with using environments, acrobatics, and taunts, as well as their blade, to overcome hordes of enemies in chaotic melees. 

Seemingly Pointless' eCheese Zone 

eCheese Zone will have players playing some totally tubular eCheese-Brand minigames. So long as they don't accidentally break one of the game's rules and get locked out for an hour. Nice!  

Paper Team's It's Paper Guy! 

It's Paper Guy! takes the player to a cute paper world, encouraging them to cut whatever the see as they explore. 

Arbitrary Metric's Paratopic 

Paratopic is an experience in shifting narrative and sound -- a tale filled with looming dread and mistrust in reality as the player explores three threads that connect in a 

Cassie McQuater's Black Room 

Black Room takes the player on an insomnia-fueled journey of tabs and dream-like internet places, following female game characters as they explore new narratives in a shifting, fragile HTML world.

Zachariah Chandler's Nth Dimension[al] Hiking 

Nth Dimension[al] Hiking explores places you're not supposed to be, leaving players to explore and wander them as they seek the hidden truths buried within seemingly dead ends. 

Zachtronics' Opus Magnum 

Opus Magnum has players creating machines for developing potions and poisons, tinkering with parts and mechanisms to refine perfect alchemical devices. 

Khan, Meekel, Flusk, and Meekel's after HOURS 

after HOURS has players sharing a tiny space with Lilith, a young woman suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder due to childhood molestation. 

Polyarc's Moss 

In Moss, a little mouse sets off on a grand VR adventure, the player alongside her, using their shared abilities to solve puzzles and overcome monsters that they couldn't tackle alone.  

Wadjet Eye Games' Unavowed 

Unavowed sees the player returning to their life after being possessed by a demon, and follows their decisions as they face a greater imminent darkness. 

Berzerk Studio's Just Shapes & Beats

Just Shapes & Beats is a bullet hell in a music visualizer - and dizzying dance of light, color, and song as players struggle to survive while moving and dodging to the beat. 

Tholen, Lasch, Nelson Jr., and Cochran's Hypnospace Outlaw 

Hypnospace Outlaw takes players to the information superhighway of a 90s internet-inspired cyberspace, having them enforce the laws of this digital place or decide to help its online populace. 

If any of these sound intriguing, stop by the Independent Games Festival Pavilion (on the GDC 2019 Expo Floor from March 20th to the 22nd) to play the nominated titles and meet the game creators!

For more details on GDC 2019 visit the show's official website, or subscribe to regular updates via FacebookTwitter, or RSS

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