Bungie shares tips on designing levels for different player types at GDC 2019!

This is the talk to see if you want to learn practical ways to tailor levels to player motivations, replete w/ concrete examples from series like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Bungie's own Destiny! 

The Level Design Workshop at this year's Game Developers Conference is chock-a-block with great talks and roundtables, including a very special presentation from Bungie about how to build levels that appeal to a variety of player types!

"World Design for Different Player Types", presented by Bungie design lead Raylene Deck, aims to dig into practical ways to build worlds that your players will love, while also leveling up your world designers by learning how to focus on what matters most.

This is the place to be if you want to learn practical ways to tailor your levels towards player motivation through concrete examples from franchises such as Mass EffectDragon Age, and Bungie's own Destiny. You'll also learn how to think about what's most important in your game based on your intended audience, so you can spend your limited time building that instead of something your players won't value.

To learn more about this great talk and all the other cool sessions available during the Level Design Workshop, make sure to check out the GDC 2019 Session Scheduler!

There you can begin to plan your GDC 2019, which takes place March 18th through the 22nd at the (newly renovated!) Moscone Center in San Francisco. 

For more details on GDC 2019 visit the show's official website, or subscribe to regular updates via Facebook, Twitter, or RSS.

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