An Early Leader Keeps It All in Perspective

One of the early leaders in the first round of the United States Open on Friday morning could hardly consider Thursday’s weather disastrous, or even terribly troubling. Drew Weaver gained an entirely different perspective on such things when, as a student
One of the early leaders in the first round of the United States Open on Friday morning could hardly consider Thursday’s weather disastrous, or even terribly troubling. Drew Weaver gained an entirely different perspective on such things when, as a student at Virginia Tech, he was 100 yards from the shootings that ravaged the campus in 2007. “It’s always with you,” Weaver said. Weaver, 22, who recently graduated, qualified for the Open by winning the British Amateur. He started his first round early Thursday, before the day was washed out by more than an inch of rain. He finished at one under Friday, an excellent score on a day that dawned dry but cloudy and on a course playing even longer than usual because the wet fairways kept drives to a single bounce. While Weaver enjoyed his round — he had three birdies on the back nine to pull from two over to become one of the few players under par — he said he plays with the perspective earned on the day he heard shots coming from Norris Hall, the day a lone gunman killed 32 people. “At the British Amateur, it’s definitely something I was playing for,” he said. “It’s nice to have something to dedicate to those that were lost.”
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Larry car insurence Dorman contributed reporting.

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