Alliance Collaboration Features

Some thoughts about how to better promote alliance members collaboration on the game.

On our browser game we have alliances that focus on battles for relics. A relic is a special artefact in space, and when an alliance conquers one, all members gain a lot of rare resources per day. This makes the fight for relics very interesting.

Being a tactical mmo, the alliances have to coordinate and make an appropriate war plan to take the most of their assets. We are now discussing about what tools should we create to make alliances work better.

First we need to think about what we should expect:

  •  As an alliance admiral, I want to go to a page and see all available fleets ready for battle
  • I also want to see current battles and where players are getting beaten and need assistance
  • I want to be able to create orders for the member, and organize all that micro orders on a big war plan

This asks for a tasks system. If I can create tasks and assign them to members, with priorities and current state, the members can see what they have to do and act upon their orders.

It'll also be very easy to see the current state of the war if all members keep updating the status of their tasks.

I never saw this kind of feature on a space browser game before, so I believe that Orion's Belt will profit from it.

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