3D Cortex Demo for Intel

High resolution Super Cortex Demo for Intel
For those of you that may not know we have been working closely with Intel for a while now. As mentioned in our blog, Intel getting hi resolution Super Cortex, Intel requested a higher resolution demo of the Super Cortex Engine.

Features of this demo include:
  • 1280 x 768 resolution
  • Utilizing Super Cortex 3D
  • Basic 3D Texture mapping
  • Basic 3D lighting
  • Automaton AI for each cube object
  • Individual cube frame rates (each cube has its own frame rate, some rotate faster than others)
  • 100 cubes spawned from a single mesh with same assets but act individually
  • Full length auto wrapping audio threaded. (you won’t see any glitches in graphics as song starts over)
  • Back face culling and clipping with camera view
  • Camera frustum object elimination (The engine will only draw objects in the view)
  • Camera is rotating around the y-axis continually (looks like cubes are spinning, it is really the user)
  • 2D sprites integrated into 3D environment (2D stuff drawn over 3D)
  • 2D anti-aliasing with regard to 3D objects behinda
  • 2D alpha channeling with variable translucency
  • 2D sprites with variable frame rate from system frame rate (just to show I can)
  • Dynamic swapping between full screen and windowed mode
  • Dynamic pausing (put the game in windowed mode, go play with any other program. The game will automatically pause and mute itself. When you return to the window everything will resume where it left off. How cool is that? Better yet, put the game in fullscreen mode. Alt-Tab to another program while in full screen. The game will minimize itself and pause till clicked on. Then it will resume fullscreen again. Ask yourself how many games you have seen do that? :) )

I have included a picture of the demo for you to see for yourself.

You can read more and follow me and Neuron Games, Inc. here:

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