Air Medic Sky One Gets Best Of Show At Serious Play

The 2011 International Serious Play Awards, which aims to recognize outstanding games for learning, military and medical applications, has recognized 20 titles in its annual competition.
The 2011 International Serious Play Awards, which aims to recognize outstanding corporate, military, healthcare and learning titles, has recognized 20 serious games. The medal winners were revealed at the Serious Play Conference, held August 23-25 at Redmond, WA's DigiPen Institute of Technology. University Medical Center Utrecht's Air Medic Sky One was chosen as the event's Best of Show. According to organizers, a number of organizations, development studios and students submitted entries to be considered, and the previously-announced 20 finalists were sorted into medal groups according to their excellence. Entries into the competition were also examined by a panel of experts for Serious Play Certification, signifying that the title "offers a high standard of performance." Certified games will receive a seal of approval that's valid for three years. In particular, conference director Clark Aldritch noted the multiplatform nature of all the entrants: "Games for learning are moving onto every platform, from iPads to smartphones," he said. The winners are sorted as follows: Gold Medal Winners Air Medic Sky One, University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands (Games for Health) Aircraft Marshalling Virtual Trainer, Heartwood Inc. (Government/Military) Gamestar Mechanic, E-Line Media (Education) RoboMath, Project Whitecard Inc. (Education) Motion Math HD, Motion Math (Consumer Game) RiggleFish, Texas A&M University (Education) Silver Medal Winners McGraw-Hill Education Practice Marketing, McGraw-Hill Education International and Muzzy Lane SW (Education) Fate of the World, Red Redemption Ltd. (Games for Good) Play True Challenge, World Anti-Doping Agency (Games for Good) SpaceChem, Zachtronics Industries (Consumer Game) Emergency Birth, Engender Games Group Lab – University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (Games for Good) Treadsylvania, New Mexico State University Learning Games Lab (At Home Learning) Bronze Medal Winners Distraction Dodger, Web Courseworks (Education) MiddWorld Online Language Roleplay Game, Middlebury Interactive Languages and Muzzy Lane SW (Education) Waterkeeper, First Nations Education Steering Committee (Education) Game for Science, CREO (At Home Learning) Primaires a gauche, Le Monde (Games for Good) Virulent, Morgridge Institute for Research (At Home Learning) International Racing Squirrels, Playniac (Consumer Game) Devil’s Advocate, UCF Retro Lab (Government/Military)

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