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Starting to build up a concept for a game engine with allows to construct strategy games with roleplay elements

Hello, The reason why I write this blog is my desire for building up a game concept in 2010.

I want to build up a game engine which allows to build up multiplayer-oriented, round-based, mod-enabled and simulation-realising strategy games with roleplay elements. By developing these games it should be possible to do customizing on different level (engine, genre, module, instance of game ). Additionally it should be possible to realize games which are based on different ages ( Fantasy, Science fiction, historic and now-a-days). Major playing mode should be roleplay, strategy, tactical and civ-like player experience.

Let me do a quick outlook on other games concept out there. There are four games types which have the same direction as mine to "build up game engine":

+ single player title with multiplayer mode

These types are mostly designed as peer-to-peer games. A central aspect of my game engine is a host-based approach which allows more flexibility by submitting turns.

+ Browergames

I'm not very familiar with this kind of games. I think that this kind of games are very fast in game play and don't open a space for real strategic decision. Additionally through this thick-based approach you are requested you are requested to stay online close to the thick. In contradiction to that my game game engine is designed to decouple play time with real time.


In contradiction with these game type the player is forced to change the game world permantely and have a huge strategic and tactical part of gaming experience

+ Socialnetwork-Games

I'm also not familar with these games. Major theme of these games are togehter and against each other. These element of cooptetion is also a major dynamics of the game engine to build.

As developement approach I choose cooperative developement in web space under the participation of (elected) audience. The developement will be supported by supplement materials (source books and books on game design ). The development is a mixture on blue sky, show boil, mechanic and MDA. One axiom of development is the magic 4.

My motivation points of writing this thread are the following:

+ self motivation

+ self reflection

+ discussing game elements

+ attracting audience towards new game engine

If you are interested in discussing you can comment this blog or drop me a email ([email protected]).

Let me close by wishing you and your beloved a wonderfull and healthy 2010!

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