Twitch is changing revenue split for streamers making over $100K

Beginning June 1, 2023 streamers who are making over $100K on Twitch will have a 50/50 split in revenue between themselves and the streaming service.

Twitch president Dan Clancy announced that the popular streaming service will be making a change to its revenue stream. Starting June 1, 2023, premium streamers will see a 50/50 split after their revenue goes above $100K. 

Most partnered streamers have an equal 50/50 revenue split, but the larger ones currently have premium deals that grant them a 70/30 split. This new policy, which includes revenue from Prime subscriptions, is said to put premium streamers on par with regular partnered streamers. 

As for why not give those partnered streamers a boost to 70/30, he argued that the priority was getting money to streamers faster, and that partnered streamers are getting an boost to revenue thanks to ads and Prime subscriptions. 

"Our investments into your monetization options have already and continue to put more money into streamers’ pockets than 20% more subs revenue share would have," wrote Clancy. 

The $100K threshold will be calculated over a 12-month period, and begin once a streamer's contract is renewed. At the start of the next 12 months, the threshold will reset.

Clancy added that this bump won't affect most streamers but for the ones who are affected, it was a matter of "making sure the impact was minimal — not just by giving them ample time before the deal goes into effect — but also by offering an alternative way to earn revenue." 

As far as "alternate revenue" is concerned, Clancy pointed out that Twitch bumped up the share in ad revenue to 55/45, which he said could serve as a way to make up for the upcoming change. 

Earlier in the week, Twitch announced an incoming ban on streaming unlicensed gambling sites, including slots, roulette, or dice games in the US and other regions. That policy update will go into effect next month on October 18. 

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