Roblox Corp. sues YouTuber over online harassment for $1.6 million

Said YouTuber is also accused of making bomb threats targeting this year's Roblox Developers Conference.

Roblox Corporation is suing YouTuber Benjamin Robert Simon (aka "RubenSim") for $1.6 million in the State of California for 3 counts of fraud, 2 counts of Tortious interference, and 1 count of breach of contract. 

According to a copy of the lawsuit obtained by Polygon, Roblox is accusing Simon not only of harassing Roblox users with racist, sexist, and anti-Semitic imagery, they are also alleging that he posted bomb threats targeting the October Roblox Developers Conference. The resulting pause in event and security sweep apparently cost Roblox Corp. $50,000.

The lawsuit also seems to take issue with how Simon leveraged other Roblox users to do his will whenever he was banned from the platform. Though Simon has been formally banned from Roblox for several years, he is able to use accounts made by other individuals to log in and direct harassment.

Simon is also accused of praising the 2018 active shooting incident  YouTube and implying that a similar event should take place at Roblox Corp.'s San Mateo HQ.

You can read the full lawsuit against Simon here.

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