Riot touts new employee benefits, more inclusion in 2022 impact report

It's that time of year where Riot releases a new report highlighting how inclusive it's been for its employees and how its inclusion initiatives have affected the wider world.

Riot Games has released its annual impact report, highlighting the structural and social changes made within the company, in keeping with its yearly disclosures first made public in 2019. 

As part of its general highlight reel, the company states it made six new options for its US employees. Several of these options focus on family care (such as increased reproductive healthcare options and support for fertility and surrogacy), a paid sabbatical program for 7-year staffers; and increased healthcare for LGBTQ staff and their families. 

Additionally, Riot reaffirmed what it had previously said last August: with the help of a third-party expert on hand, it feels that "there are no statistically significant differences in pay or promotions" for women and underrepresented minorities. 

Correlating with that data, the impact report showed women and minorities have leadership positions by a respective 26 and 18.5 percent. Both numbers cover director-level positions, and are small increases up from 2021 (21.7 percent for women, 14.7 for minorities). 

Twice in 2022, Riot sent out an internal surveys to employees in order to gauge how supported and welcome its staff feel. As of this report, the developer has found that its inclusion index score is at 86 out of 100. 

Regarding the inclusion efforts and various diversity initiatives that exist inside of Riot, the studio said they've "pushed Riot’s culture forward while still preserving the values that made the company unique in the first place."

"We’ve continued to cultivate a place where Rioters can bring their full selves to work–identities, perspectives, styles, and crafts–to foster belonging, solve challenges, and deliver amazing experiences to players around the world."

also details its humanitarian efforts and its revised approach to player reporting

Riot's full impact report for 2022 can be read here, which also details its revised approach to player reporting, the various humanitarian efforts made by the company, and recruiting prospective game developers.

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