Former Sony PlayStation IT worker sues for gender discrimination

The plaintiff alleges that she was told her department was being eliminated after she filing a HR complaint, except she was not a member the eliminated department.

A former Sony PlayStation IT security analyst named Emma Majo has filed suit against the company in California court, arguing that she faced gender discrimination in the workplace and was terminated after filing complaints over "discrimination against females" against the company. 

According to the lawsuit, (spotted by Axios) Majo complained to Sony's human resources division that she was being ignored by a manager who only responded to men, and was passed over for promotions during her time at the company.

She also says that after she filed a signed complaint to HR recording allegations of alleged gender discriminations, she was terminated.

There's one very alarming claim in Majo's lawsuit that, if true, looks particularly damning for Sony. Majo claims that her termination was allegedly justified because her department had been eliminated. However Majo apparently did not work for the eliminated department.

This lawsuit lands a week after Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan sent an e-mail to employees criticizing Activision Blizzard for its alleged culture of sexual harassment and toxicity that has racked up numerous lawsuits and damning reports. 

This is not the only public accusation of gender discrimination Sony (or its affiliates) have faced. In 2020, several former employees spoke up about conditions at Sony-owned Insomniac Games. 

You can review Majo's full complaint against Sony here.

We have reached out to a Sony representative for comment on this lawsuit, and will update this story when they respond.

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