Zoe Mode Adds Dev Director, Producer

UK-based developer Zoë Mode (Crush, Rock Revolution) announced the appointment of Rage and Argonaut veteran Keith Robinson as its development director. The studio also added Jennie Flynn, who previously worked at Disney's Blackrock Studio, as the p
UK-based developer Zoë Mode (Crush, Rock Revolution) announced two new appointments -- Keith Robinson as development director and Jennie Flynn as producer for an unannounced PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 title. Prior to Zoë Mode, Robinson was group development director at Rage Games (Rolling) and development director at Argonaut Games (Malice), both studios now defunct. Most recently, he has worked in consultant and full-time positions for a sub-Saharan ISP, Fujitsu Software, and other companies outside of the games industry. Previously, Flynn worked as a producer at Disney's Blackrock Studio (Pure, MotoGP series), which is also based in Brighton. She also has a background in project management within both video games and telecommunications. Zoë Mode recently expanded its staff with some 60 new employees, bringing its total headcount to 150, thanks to an influx of development projects. Along with the growth, the studio plans to move into new, larger Brighton offices and open a London branch later this year. Formerly Kuju Brighton, Zoë Mode primarily develops casual and music games, collaborating with Sony London on EyeToy Play and SingStar, and more recently, working on the just-launched Rock Revolution for Konami and You're in the Movies for Codemasters and Microsoft. "We are very excited to have Keith and Jennie joining our team. Both bring a mix of games development know-how and also experience from other sectors," says Zoë Mode studio head Ed Daly. "It's important for our growth as a studio to bring in diverse talent to create games with diverse appeal for which we've become well known. We're constantly on the lookout for the best and brightest talent and I couldn't be happier to have Keith and Jennie on board."

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