Valve upgrades News Hub from experiment to full-fledged Steam feature

Another Steam Labs' experiment has graduated from the program and made its way to the regular Steam client.

Another Steam Labs' experiment has graduated from the program and made its way to the regular Steam client.

This latest addition is Steam News Hub, a dedicated space within Steam for its users to find news, updates, and events for the games they've interacted with on the digital game platform.

It first debuted way back in March as Experiment 009, aiming to offer a personalized feed of news, both from game makers and from Steam News Curators (like Gamasutra!).

As a full Steam feature, a blog post explains the tool aims to offer personalized news right out of the box, but also allow Steam users to customize what info is fed to them and where that info is coming from.

The feed captures game updates and patch notes, news shared by developers about game milestones and the like, in-game events, posts from top games on Steam, official Steam announcements (including Steamworks news for devs), and News Curator curated news.

The official News Hub launch also closely follows the launch of an all new Steam Labs Experiment. That new tweak, dubbed Experiment 010: Browsing Steam, is a major change to how discovery works on Steam. Find out exactly how here in this post from one of its creators.

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