Unity and Nvidia partner to launch real-time raytracing tech

Unity and Nvidia have joined forces to launch real-time raytracing tech thanks to Nvidia’s RTX platform and Unity's High Definition Render Pipeline.

Newsbrief: Unity and Nvidia have joined forces to launch real-time raytracing tech through Nvidia’s RTX platform. 

For Unity’s part, this means that the company’s High Definition Render Pipeline will offer devs a way to implement real-time raytracing in their Unity-based projects and drastically improve the lighting effects in those games.

The tech is launching into as early-access, production-focused version today with a full preview launch due out later this year. The partnership, meanwhile, aims to open up the ability to render photorealistic image and lighting quality in real time to a larger pool of developers.

On Nvidia’s side, the partnership could give its RTX tech a potentially-need boost. The company cut its financial forecasts earlier this year after sales of the RTX GPU line were below expectations, a shortcoming that could be attributed to the fact that not many yet-released PC games have implemented the raytracing tech RTX offers up. 

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