Ubisoft Picks Up Brash's Fun Park

Ubisoft acquired the publishing rights for the Wii version of 7 Studios' Six Flags Fun Park, once slated to be published by now-defunct Brash Entertainment. The Nintendo DS and PlayStation 2 versions aren't included in the deal.
Ubisoft announced that it acquired the publishing rights for Six Flags Fun Park from former publisher Brash Entertainment, and that it will release the Wii game on March 10th in North America. Developed by Los Angeles-based 7 Studios, Six Flags Fun Park was originally announced as a fall 2008 release for Wii, Nintendo DS, and PlayStation 2. The original publisher, Brash, however, shuttered last November shortly after a number of executives left the company and following a 20+ headcount reduction. 7 Studios reportedly filed suit against Brash following the company's closure, seeking $113,000 for its work on Six Flags Fun Park, as well as $468,000 for development on Tim Burton film game 9. Six Flags Fun Park provides a virtual theme park with quests for exploring themed areas and over 40 mini-games and rides, such as skee ball and haunted houses. Notably, 7 Studios CEO Lewis Peterson recently revealed that the title was never intended to tie into the titular theme park and was initially billed as an "original casual mini-game adventure." "Ubisoft is excited to work with Six Flags on this fun new family game," says Ubisoft's Sales and Marketing SVP Tony Key. "With Six Flags Fun Park, consumers can now enjoy a Six Flags experience in the comfort of their own homes."

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