Ubisoft is now insta-banning toxic Rainbow Six Siege players

The French studio had previously pledged to curb toxicity within the game's community, and a new ban system will instantly punish those who use hate speech.

Using hate speech and slurs in Rainbow Six Siege will now result in an instant automatic ban. 

As reported by PCGamer, developer Ubisoft has implemented a new system designed to instantly punish those who use offensive language.

The French studio had previously pledged to curb toxicity within the game's community, and the new system will hit those who use hate speech with an instant 27 minute ban on the first offense. 

Just incase that doesn't get the message across, players will be handed a two hour ban on the second and third offenses. If they still insist on using hate speech after that, an official investigation will be opened up, and a permanent ban could be dished out. 

While the new system will likely be praised by a good portion of the Siege community, some players (who've seemingly been caught red handed) have been venting on Twitter, and have even suggested Ubisoft's recourses might be better spent tackling "real issues." 

As you could've probably guessed, Ubisoft begged to differ, and simply told those in question that "fighting against toxicity and cleaning up the Siege environment is a very real and important issue."

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