Steam now lets devs join forces and create their own bundles

DIY Collaborative Bundles are a new way for devs to team up and sell their games as part of a package deal without needed to work directly with Steam's staff to do so.

Developers and publishers can now join forces and create their own multi-company bundles on Steam, giving game makers the much-requested power to more easily curate package deals and catch the attention of the millions of users on Steam.

Of course, bundles aren't an entirely new Steam feature by any means, but the previous version of the feature required developers to work directly with the Steam team in order to create a bundle with other game makers.

The new, Collaborative Bundle feature cuts down on the red tape and allows developers of any size to create their own bundles right through Steam itself.

Under the new system, once a developer sets up a bundle through Steam they can then invite others to include their own games in the bundle via a unique link. Once everyone is in, the bundle owner can lock the bundle and then, once all participants confirm that they're ok with things like its contents, royalty split, and discounts, the bundle can be set live.

A more in-depth look at how to craft a Collaborative Bundle so is outlined on both the Steam blog and in the feature's documentation.

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