Stadia to offer dev kits, funding, and more through new Stadia Makers program

Google Stadia has partnered with Unity to kick off a new game developer focused initiative called Stadia Makers.

Google Stadia has partnered with Unity to kick off a new game developer focused initiative called Stadia Makers, and has opened applications for teams seeking funding and technical guidence for their Stadia-bound games. 

In the program's announcement post the folks at Stadia plainly say they were unprepared for the amount of developer attention Stadia would get at its first launch, and it seems this program now aims to arm more interested developers with the knowledge and tools needed to bring their games to Google’s cloud-based platform.

“The fact of the matter is that far more studios applied to be a part of our launch than we could work with at the time,” writes the Stadia team. “Thank you for your ambition, patience, and support that those applications represent. Now that we’re a few months down the road, we’ve improved our tools and built new partnerships that will let us work with more independent studios.”

Stadia Makers aims to offer select developers with funding to help developers offset some of the costs associated with making a Stadia game and provide participants with up to five physical dev kits along the way. That partnership with Unity also helps Stadia Makers offer technical assistance to devs in the program to help teams meet milestones along the way.

The program is targeting developers that hope to ship a project built with Unity 2019.3 or later in 2020 or 2021, and has an open application form for any developers considering taking advantage of Stadia Makers over in the full blog post.

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