SpatialOS dev Improbable is setting up its own game development studios

Tools-maker Improbable is setting up two studios, one in Edmonton and one in London, to develop online games powered by its SpatialOS tech.

Improbable has created two new game development studios, one in Edmonton and one in London, to make online games powered by its SpatialOS cloud-based computing tech.

The move marks Improbable’s first steps into in-house game development since, up until now, the studio typically partnered with external developers that wanted to use SpatialOS to power their own online games. 

Each of the two studios has a familiar face behind it: the Edmonton outfit is set to be headed up by former BioWare General Manager Aaryn Flynn while the London studio is led by John Wasilczyk, former executive producer at both Epic Games and EA DICE. 

In a press release, Improbable co-founder and CEO Herman Narula says that moving into game development serves to benefit future growth and development of SpatialOS as well. 

"As our network of partners has grown we've come to work with an incredible range of studios and projects,” said Narula. “We see our internal studios as a way to further support these partners by pushing technical and creative boundaries and then sharing those learnings with our developer community.”

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