Silicon Knights Lays Off 26 After Too Human's Completion

Silicon Knights confirms that 26 staffers were let go following the release of its latest game Too Human. The company says the layoffs were due to redundancies as a natural consequence of its current project ending, and that it hopes to re-employ t
Canadian developer Silicon Knights confirmed the layoffs of 26 employees following the release of its latest game, Too Human. Responding to a story on weblog Kotaku, a statement from the company admitted, "After any big game ships, there is often some attrition." "To that end, Silicon Knights temporarily laid-off 26 employees today [Monday] while they ramp up on other projects. All the company’s directors and leads are still at Silicon Knights and working on its next projects," continued the official statement. Kotaku's report suggests that the majority of those laid off were newer staff brought in towards the end of development on Too Human. The company’s only officially-confirmed new title is an unnamed collaboration with Sega, first announced in 2005. Sequels to complete the intended Too Human trilogy have also been repeatedly mentioned by the company. As the company points out, Silicon Knights, also known for titles such as Eternal Darkness and Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, has seen considerable growth in recent years, with a current headcount of around 180 employees. "Silicon Knights is currently working on several new and exciting games that will be announced to the public in the coming months," said president and founder Denis Dyack as part of the statement. "In addition to those projects, Silicon Knights continues to develop and promote other new and original ideas, which will become the innovative games of tomorrow. These 26 individuals are hard-working and valued team members that we hope to bring back as we ramp up on our future projects."

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