Report: Tariffs prompt Nintendo to move some Switch production out of China

The Wall Street Journal says the shift includes some production of the current Switch as well as production of the two rumored new versions of the console.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is in the process of moving a portion of Nintendo Switch production out of China as a preemptive move to protect itself against tariffs the US might impose on electronics manufactured in China.

The story cites individuals that work on Nintendo’s supply chain as the source for the information, and says that the move sees some production of the console taken to Southeast Asia.

Those same sources tell the Wall Street Journal that the production efforts being pulled from China include both the current model of the Switch and two additional, unannounced models Nintendo is rumored to have in production.

One of those two rumored console refreshes is said to be a less-expensive model that embraces the system’s portability while the other is reportedly an updated version of the current Switch. Those rumors started circulating last October, followed by another Wall Street Journal report this March that detailed how each system would fit into Nintendo’s plans for the Switch, both as its flagship console and a handheld successor to the 3DS.

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