Report: Latest Switch Pro rumors point toward early 2021

The souped-up Switch rumors are back, this time hinting that Nintendo could roll out a Switch Pro early next year.

After a brief hiatus, the souped-up Switch rumors are back. This time around, manufacturers speaking to the Economic Daily News (via Video Games Chronicle) say that Nintendo could roll out the long-rumored Switch Pro in early 2021.

This latest rumor suggests at least one new but slightly vague upgrade beyond the usual promise improved display and batteries: upgraded “interactivity.”

Switch Pro rumors have been around nearly as long as the Switch itself, but they’re not entirely unbelievable given Nintendo’s history with handheld launches and the fact that it has already launched the once-rumored Switch Lite.

Nintendo hasn’t confirmed the existence of or plans for a Switch Pro, but hasn’t entirely ruled out the possibility either. The company did start the year off by saying that it had “no plans to launch a new Nintendo Switch model during 2020” but part of its rationale at the time was that it had “not yet fully communicated the special features and appeal of Nintendo Switch Lite” and needed to first address that shortfall.

It’s likely that the Switch Lite’s fortunes have improved (given that its last quarter sales were only slightly behind the regular Switch), in which case Nintendo may feel more comfortable bringing a Switch Pro into play

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