Release This: Awesomenauts, Sniper Elite V2 debut worldwide

Gamasutra's latest custom compiled worldwide release list explores a week that brings Awesomenauts, Fable Heroes, and Sniper Elite V2 to North America and Europe.
Gamasutra's regular round-up of worldwide video game releases, "Release This!", takes a look at every game title we know to be shipping to stores this week, in a custom compiled list. This week brings Awesomenauts, Fable Heroes, Sniper Elite V2, and a PS Vita port of Mortal Kombat to North America and Europe. The following list covers all of the game software we know to be available -- across all platforms and regions -- for the week ending May 5th, 2012. Games Released in the United States: Swords & Soldiers developer Ronimo Games is set to launch its multiplayer online battle arena title Awesomenauts for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this week. Awesomenauts takes League of Legends' core gameplay and presents it in the context of a side-scrolling 2D platformer featuring multiple playable characters and gameplay modes. Other standout titles premiering this week include Lionhead Studios' Xbox 360-exclusive action-RPG Fable Heroes, a PlayStation Vita port for NetherRealm's 3D fighter Mortal Kombat, Rebellion's multiplatform sniping sim Sniper Elite V2, and Bluehole Studio's PC MMORPG TERA. Xbox 360: - Awesomenauts (Xbox Live Arcade) - Fable Heroes (Xbox Live Arcade) - Sniper Elite V2 PlayStation 3: - Awesomenauts (PlayStation Network) - Sniper Elite V2 PlayStation Vita: - Mortal Kombat PlayStation Portable: - Velocity (PlayStation minis) PC: - Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land (online) - Nexuiz (Steam) - Port Royale 3 - Sniper Elite V2 - TERA Games Released in Europe: Awesomenauts and Sniper Elite V2 also hit Europe this week, while PSP owners can expect to see a localization of Image Epoch's RPG Fate/Extra. Xbox 360: - Awesomenauts (Xbox Live Arcade) - Fable Heroes (Xbox Live Arcade) - Sniper Elite V2 PlayStation 3: - Back to the Future: The Game - Sniper Elite V2 Nintendo 3DS: - Best Friends: Cats & Dogs 3D - Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife Nintendo DS: - Murder on the Titanic PlayStation Vita: - Mortal Kombat PlayStation Portable: - Fate/Extra PC: - Sniper Elite V2 - TERA Games Released in Japan: No new titles are scheduled for release in Japan as the country celebrates Golden Week.

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