PlayStation 3, DSi Hardware Sales Surge In Japan

Nintendo's newly launched DSi has all but sold out of its initial stock allocation in just two days, topping the Japanese game hardware charts, as new hardware bundles for the PlayStation 3 vault it ahead of both the Wii and Xbox 360.
The Nintendo DSi has effectively sold out of its initial stock allocation in just two days, according to the latest data from Media Create. Nintendo reportedly shipped 200,000 units for the new hardware model’s launch and the latest sales data shows that 171,925 units were sold over its first weekend on sale. With 16,369 unit sales of the DS Lite model, total sales of the Nintendo DS format stood at 188,294 units for the week. This total exceeds that achieved by the new PSP-3000 model a few weeks ago, which saw sales spike at 159,816 units. This week’s sales of the PSP are down by 10,000 units to 50,358, but this was more than enough to maintain its second place position. The best selling home console of the week was the PlayStation 3, up over 35,500 units on the previous week to a total of 39,587. As with the DS Lite, sales of the PS3 have been artificially low for the last several weeks as customers anticipated the launch of new hardware bundles. The impact of the new SKUs featuring LittleBigPlanet and Gran Turismo 5: Prologue Spec III can clearly be seen in this week’s top 30 software chart. As a result, the Wii was reduced to fourth place, with sales down by 1,000 units to 23,123. The PlayStation 2 was down only a few hundred to 6,714, while the Xbox 360 dropped by over 1,500 units to 6,119. Although back in last place the 360’s weekly figure is still at least double that of earlier in the year. Overall in the software top 50, there were 24 titles for the Nintendo DS, 11 for the Wii, six for the PlayStation 2, four each for the PlayStation 3 and PSP, and one for the Xbox 360.

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