Photo Finish For Hardware Sales In Japan

Less than 5,000 unit sales have separated the top three selling consoles in Japan, with the DS, PSP and Wii closer than ever. With no major new releases to stimulate demand, though, overall sales are still low, with all formats down on the previous week.
Market research firm Media Create has revealed data for weekly hardware sales in Japan for the week ending January 27th, following details of the software top thirty. With no major new releases set to register in the sales results until next week's release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Devil May Cry 4, the volume of hardware sales has remained low, with all formats down slightly on last week. However, sales of the top three formats are closer than ever before, with less than 5,000 unit sales separating the top selling Nintendo DS from the third placed Wii. Nintendo’s portable console sold a total of 79,370 consoles this week, down over 9,000 units from seven days ago. With three titles in the software top ten the PSP saw sales dip by just under 2,000 units to 77,933. This helped it to regain second place from the Wii, which sold 7,000 units less than the previous week for a total of 74,544. PlayStation 3 sales fell by almost 4,000 units to 34,363, while the PlayStation 2 saw sales slip by just over 2,000 units to 11,364. The Xbox 360 results were again almost static, down by around 250 units to 4,296.

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