Nintendo DSi European Launch Confirmed For April 3rd

The Nintendo DSi will launch in Europe on April 3rd, two days before its North American release, according to Nintendo of Europe. UK stores are already advertising the portable at a price of £149.99 ($216) -- £50 ($72) more than the current DS Lite.
The Nintendo DSi will launch in Europe on April 3rd, two days before the North American release, according to Nintendo of Europe. As with the Japanese launch in November 2008, the new hardware will be available in either black or white colors. The North American launch will instead feature blue and black colored versions. Nintendo of Europe insist that they do not set recommend retail prices, but major UK retailer GAME is already advertising the hardware at a price of £149.99 ($216/€170). The current DS Lite model has a de facto recommended retail price of £99.99 ($144/€114). Although Rhythm Heaven (aka Rhythm Tengoku Gold) was announced alongside details of the North American launch yesterday, Nintendo of Europe has not revealed any specific new software plans. Its press release does mention the new downloadable WarioWare title though, confirming that the DSiWare service will be available in Europe. The third iteration of the Nintendo DS hardware, the DSi is 12 percent thinner than the DS Lite and features larger, brighter 3.25 inch screens. The portable also includes two 0.3 megapixel cameras and an SD card slot for storing downloaded software, instead of the previous Game Boy Advance slot.

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